About Us

Simona Vitali

Oscar Frittoli

Our company was born from the union between Frittoli Oscar’s company BINGOCOLOR and Simona Vitali’s company IDEART DECORAZIONI. We operate on resin flooring and resin coatings domain since 2001 at national and international level (Jeddah, Arabia Saudita, Francoforte, Germania, Tivat, Montenegro, San Pietroburgo, Russia, Nizza, Francia, Principato di Monaco, Monaco, Baku, Azerbajan).

The passion and the experience gained over the years of work, the use of highly qualified staff in the resin domain and expert decorators from Fine Arts Academy  from  Brera from Milan and our high artistic content interventions led us to acquire the qualification of official Gobbetto installers and all this make our company a leader in the resin production in Italy.

The technical development and the resin diffusion as an innovative material led the use of the resin from the industrial to civil construction. The thickness of the coating resin that has only 2/ 3 mm was the innovation that in the last few years has led to the choice of the resin as a restructuring coating on old floors or walls, reducing in this mode the inconvenience and the cost of demolition.

The wide range of typology, the infinite colors, the decorative effects and the finishes, that are offered by the coatings resin have aroused interest in projects for interior designers and architects; collaborating, they brought this material in private homes, fashion showrooms, shops, lounge bars and renowned hotels.

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