Coatings resin for Bathrooms

Nowadays the bathroom is no longer considered as a utility room but an important space of the house, that is in detail arranged with innovative design choices.

The coating resin is often the most requested and used solution for the bathrooms.

Architects and designers recommend it to their clients for its aesthetics and fashion aspect and also for its continuity and flatness characteristics with total absence of leaks (so easy to clean), making it the ideal solution for  a coating bath.

You can choose between a coating solution with the classic spatulated resin and for one extravagant and unique, that is the decorative spatulated resin.

For the coating resin of the bathrooms we use first of all appropriate insulating and anchored primer and then we proceed with the classical application.

The coating resin for shower trays or brick bathtubs is previously studied and prepared with suitable materials and are used appropriate drains and even for these, before the coating resin, we apply appropriate resin products.

For flooring you can choose between a minimal semi-gloss or matt spatulated effect or you can choose a decorative resin with vitrified polished finishing.