Decorative resin floors and coatings

In Decorative resin floors and coatings domain we give life to all forms of art. There is no limit in the choice of colors and shapes.

The material effects that recall the texture of the skin, bark, scales, stone or painted decorations that make resin floors, walls and coatings a real piece of art, unique and unrepeatable for each customer are created with manual dexterity and with the use of various techniques (many designed by us).

All can be enhanced with the use of metal powders as gold and silver purplish or by bright and sparkling effects given from a wide range of holographic glitter or luminescent powders.

The floors can have a three-dimensional feature and a polished vitrified effect by using a special  self-leveling resin thickness.

All these features make the decorative coating resin a unique and innovative solution that you cannot find in any other material and it’s suitable for realizations of private homes, lounge bars, fashion stores and can also be used for making furniture or frames.