Spatula-applied resin floors and coatings

The Spatulation is a classical solution in the field of resins.

It’s a type of resin that is suitable for a modern and minimalist space and also for  traditional interiors.

There are different types of spatulated resin : from that with highlighted  spatula ‘’design ‘’ to that with lighted and homogeneous colors  and forward to those were the spatula design is more rough and in this mode are highlighted the work movements and are created cloudy effects  and rough effects like stone.

According to the needs and tastes of the customer, we offer a wide range of preliminary samples to choose the type that best suits the project you want to accomplish. When we have the acceptance of the work we realize a series of customized samples, that define better the type of desired spatulated resin.

The choice of resin color is unlimited, it goes from light colors like beige to strong colors like gray or black. We can use paints like RAL, NCS, SIKKENS and we can choose between a glossy, semi-gloss or matt finishing.

One of the characteristics of the coating resin is that it can also be applied on existing tiling reducing so costs and  demolition inconvenience. Besides, the thickness of the coating resin goes from 3/4 mm, solving in this way the problem of doors and windows replacement.

The coating resin is widely used for floors and coatings of homes, fashion stores, hotels, lounge bars.